Information on gemstones and crystals

Garnet has been used as a gemstone for a very long time. The affordability of garnet (specially red garnets) together with great colors have made it a very popular gemstone.

Garnet is mainly found in green and red colors. green garnets are the most precious form.

There are several type of red garnet. Pyrope, almandine, hessonite, rhodolite and spessartite are examples of red garnet.

The very rich red color of pyrope and almandine garnets rival color of very precious rubies.

Green garnets used in jewelry are mostly tsavorite and demantoid garnet types. Uvarovite is another green garnet rarely used in jewelry and mostly is a collectors' stone.

Garnet powder sometimes is used in industry as an abrasive for its high grade of hardness and low price.

The hardness of garnet on Mohs scale is around 7.5.



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