Information on gemstones and crystals

Quartz is silicone dioxide in crystalline form. Silicon dioxide is the most abundant composition of earth's crust. Sand is consisted mainly of silicon dioxide.

Quartz often exists in clusters comprising of many individual crystals and sometimes forms geodes.

Quartz is one of the most important crystals and gems used extensively in jewelry and industry. Quartz is used in electronics industry in extra pure synthetic form. It is used in production of microphones, earphones and very precise oscillators. 

Quartz is a beautiful and very attractive crystal and even a highly included quartz is very eye-catching. Attractiveness of quartz together with its great and very affordable price makes it a very popular gem stone.

Sometimes other crystals and stones are present in quartz that create very special forms of quartz like rutilated quartz or tourmalinated quartz when it includes rutile or tourmaline (black tourmaline most of the time).

Clear quartz also named white quartz and rock crystal is colorless and is the most abundant form.

Amethyst, smoky quartz, and citrine are varieties of quartz.

Mohs hardness of Quartz is 7 that is excellent and exhibits a vitreous luster.

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