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The very special and eye catching color of turquoise is something very special. The color of turquoise is so special that draws attention immediately.

Turquoise exhibits a wide range of colors, even there are green ones, but the most desired color is 'turquoise blue' that is a very unique color.

Turquoise has a very long history as an ornamental and gemstone and has been used for thousands of years.

Turquoises from Iran have been most prized ones throughout the history for their fine color and texture.

Several countries are providers of turquoise and USA is recently the most important provider.

Turquoise is a very sensitive stone with porous structure (microscopic pores) and should not be exposed to chemical substances, even water can damage turquoise. Oils have very damaging effect on turquoise and should be avoided completely.

Treatment methods are often used in order to overcome sensitivity of turquoise and making it durable, the most frequently used treatment is covering turquoise with a transparent and durable substance that prevents contact and subsequent damage. An untreated turquoise is much more valuable and expensive than treated ones.

Turquoise is not a very hard gemstone with a hardness usually between 5 and 5.5 on Mohs scale, so it must be used with some care to avoid scratches.

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